At the most basic level, fertilizers feed plants, helping them to grow better. Did you know that you can choose fertilizers that can direct your plants’ growth in specific ways? 


Grass that receives appropriate levels of fertilizer — not too little and not too much — produces a dense root and shoots system capable of filtering out impurities or other components of leachate or runoff. A properly fertilized lawn absorbs nonpoint source pollutants, helps stabilize soil, reduces ambient air temperatures and promotes a healthy ecosystem of its own. Since it grows more vigorously, a properly fertilized lawn might also require fewer cultural or chemical controls for weeds, insects or diseases. Over fertilizing can aggravate pest problems, stimulate excessive growth and require frequent watering. In addition, when people use too much fertilizer on their landscapes, it can seep through the ground, past the root zone of the grass, plants or trees and into the aquifer. It can also be washed off by rainfall directly into surface water or via storm water systems.

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